Eine Brücke in der Altstadt von Dubrovnik, aufgenommen für Rhein2Ganges

Sometimes a little hot water is all you need. 🚿

After a strenuous motorcycle ride from Split towards Dubrovnik, the recovery factor of an invigorating shower should not be underestimated. It washed the road dust out of our system. Admittedly, we didn’t make it all the way into the city: our accommodation was in a small town about 4 km from Dubrovnik. Fortunately, we were able to recharge our batteries with a nice dinner on the promenade by the harbor that evening.

From White Alleyways to the Road of Bones

The next day we had a meeting with two of Berthold’s friends. Thus, we got up early to conquer Dubrovnik, the World Heritage city on the Mediterranean at dawn. Figuratively speaking, of course: although we rode our bikes right up to the city walls, we left our armor behind, conveniently clipping our helmets to the frames of our BMWs.

Von der Montur befreit konnten wir zusammen mit Jennifer und Bernard

Freed from our gear, we were able to stroll through Dubrovnik to our hearts’ content together with Jennifer and Bernard from Motorbike Travelers. Jennifer comes from Germany, but her boyfriend was born in Brazil – and like us, they set off from Germany at the beginning of May to explore the countries of Eastern Europe bit by bit. Dubrovnik is just one stop on this journey – in the end, Jennifer and Bernard plan to have circumnavigated the entire globe. Their route is the same as ours as far as Georgia, but from there we head to Armenia and Azerbaijan, while they turn north towards Russia. They want to reach Vladivostock in order to get to South Korea from there and then cross over to Canada or Alaska.

To do this, they have to brave the Siberian taiga. The last stretch of the journey takes them along the notorious R504 Kolyma Highway, which is also widely known as the Road of Bones. It does not bear this name because it is dangerous to drive on – the route is now very well developed. Rather, the title bears witness to its history: For over 80 years, the road was largely built by prisoners of the Russian gulags. Those who died during the inhumane work were simply buried at the side of the road.

When we think that such practices are still prevalent in many places around the world today, it spurs us on to continue our charity tour. Admittedly, we are not helping anyone in forced labor. But by doing so, we are supporting the Aktionsgruppe Kinder in Not e.V., which is at least doing what it can to show that we humans can treat each other differently.

A Scenery for the Big Screen

Dubrovnik was able to turn our minds from the brutal events on the Bone Road back to cheerful thoughts. Dubrovnik’s history dates back to ancient times. Its carefully preserved old town was a fantastic sight. “Fantastic” as in “fantasy” – over the course of its existence, the cityscape has fired the imagination of countless artists. A considerable number of films and series have been shot here, for instance. Thus, Dubrovnik served as the backdrop for the fantasy city of King’s Landing from the TV series “Game of Thrones”. On second thoughts, perhaps we should have ridden into the city on our “iron steeds” – in keeping with our status.

However, we found Dubrovnik to be a picturesque and very open city. White walls, clean streets, polished by the soles of the hordes of tourists and small corners where one Michelin restaurant and street café nestles next to another. Even the free Wi-Fi throughout the city center couldn’t tempt us to stare at screens for too long – we could have missed some of the fantastic views.

In the end, the “town of the oak grove” – its name is derived from the Croatian word dubrava (= oak grove) – captivated us so much that we stayed there until late in the evening and only found our way back to our hostel in the dark.

The following morning, we said goodbye to Jennifer and Bernhard in person. Maybe we’ll meet up again along the sights on our route – it’s supposed to happen from time to time! So, Jennifer and Berhard, all the best for your tour!

For us, it’s now off in the direction of Kotor and Albania. Giddy-up, iron horse!

Support Rhein-2-Ganges and the Aktionsgruppe Kinder in Not e.V.!

Berthold and I want to collect at least 1 euro in donations for every kilometer we drive – to a total of 50,000 euros. We will donate the money to children from poor population groups in India so that they can receive better care and education. We are happy about any amount!

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