A motorcycle trip for „Kinder in Not e.V.“

Discover the world on two wheels on our  Blog for a charitable cause!

Motorcycling is our passion, the freedom it offers is exceptional.

But we want to do more than just explore the roads, the countryside, and its people. We want to use our passion to do good.

Our mission: to support children in need

During the flood disaster in the Ahrtal, we learned how important it is to stick together in difficult times. We helped and forged lifelong friendships. Now is the time to use these experiences and focus on children. 

More than just kilometers

Our motorcycle journey will not only be an adventure for us but also an opportunity to help others. We will cover approximately 25,000 kilometers per motorcycle and plan to collect 1€ donation for each of these kilometers. Our goal is to reach 50,000€ and to donate this amount in full to Aktionsgruppe ,,Kinder in Not e.V.”

Education is the key to the future

With your support, we can contribute to improving the future of children in need.

A portion of the donations will be used to support the construction of a school that provides the most vulnerable with a solid foundation for a better future. Education is the key, and we want to help open that door. 

Aid wherever this journey takes us…

… to India.

We are particularly concerned about the children there for whom it is difficult to escape the cycle of poverty.

That is why Aktionsgruppe ,,Kinder in Not e.V.” supports projects in India that address the situation of children in need.