Die Hafenpromenade in Kotor, die eine Station der Rhein2Ganges-Charity-Tour war
Part 12: The Motor Takes Us to Kotor! Departure from Dubrovnik – even the deepest love comes to an end. We left the old fortress town with one crying and one laughing eye. While being there, we owed our smiles not only to the breathtaking beauty […]
Hans-Peter während der Rhein2Ganges-Charity-Tour auf einer Bergstraße zwischen Kroatien und Albanien.
Part 13: An Adventurous Trip to Shokdra “Okay Google, show me the way to the next big city!” When we shoot a question like this into a search engine, we expect a clear, straightforward route to come back: few turns, fast roads, long straight lines. Perfect […]
Part 5: And Off We Go! – A Tremendous Start for Our Charity Motorcycle Tour And we are rolling… 🏍️ After a wonderful farewell from many lovely people, Berthold Wirtgen and I are now speeding along the roads towards southern Germany on our bikes. We take […]
The Rhine Source: From Frustration to Excitement Three days on the road for Aktionsgruppe Kinder in Not e.V. and already around 1100 kilometers on the clock – time for a status update! Our starting route took us from Linz via the A61 towards Switzerland (which is […]
Riding High in Slovenia Over the last few days, we Rhein2Ganges bikers completed a particularly steep tour. We encountered the Wurzen Pass with a sporty ascent of 18-20% and beautiful, tight bends. It took us from Villach, Austria, over the border to Slovenia, all the way […]
Part 8: Deep Down in Slovenia Aiming high was our motto on our first tours in Slovenia. But we are all about variety. So in the second part, we hike deep down, into caves, grottos and mountain passages. But see for yourself! Kozjak – Who loves […]
Part 10: Željava Airfield – a Hangout for Adventurers Ever visited a “lost place”? These places, often commercial buildings or industrial plants, were abandoned by their inhabitants years and decades ago. Since then, the ravages of time have visibly gnawed away at them. But many people […]
Eine Brücke in der Altstadt von Dubrovnik, aufgenommen für Rhein2Ganges
Sometimes a little hot water is all you need. 🚿 After a strenuous motorcycle ride from Split towards Dubrovnik, the recovery factor of an invigorating shower should not be underestimated. It washed the road dust out of our system. Admittedly, we didn’t make it all the […]