Aktionsgruppe “Kinder in Not e.V.” – Helping people to help themselves – since 1983

Aktionsgruppe Kinder in Not e.V.

Donations via bank transfer to:

Aktionsgruppe ,,Kinder in Not e.V.”

Purpose of use: Rhein2Ganges

IBAN: DE40 5745 0120 0030 5199 46


Founded in 1983 on the initiative of entrepreneur Gisela Wirtgen, the work of Aktionsgruppe ,,Kinder in Not e.V.”  aims to sustainably improve the development opportunities of children in need.

All donations to ,,Kinder in Not e.V.” go entirely towards the aid projects.

For their work, the action group holds the DZI seal for reputable charity organizations. This confirms their transparent, careful, and responsible handling of the funds entrusted to them. 

DZI Spenden-Siegel

The organization ensures children in need in the Philippines, India, and Brazil their right to education, health, and equality through approximately 50 aid projects.

Aktionsgruppe Kinder in Not e.V.